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Synergies Systems offers a wide range of security solutions, as an independent advisor, we can audit your existing security infrastructure and advise on how to improve it.

We have a number of packaged services which include:

Firewall 's guard corporate networks from malicious assaults while providing users with the protected means to connect to public networks such as the Internet. Networks can also be safeguarded from vicious internal attacks through the creation of Firewall's that segment the network and allow multiple levels of access. Without a Firewall, a company's network is exposed to inherently insecure services, probes and invasions. Firewall's improve network security by filtering insecure services and protecting the LAN.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN's) use public networks to transport information. Data is protected during transport by encryption, tunneling and authentication strategies. VPN's achieve the same level of security and privacy provided by private networks and are often considered to be more secure than wide area networks not employing data encryption.

Anti virus- Protect your computer from Data loss due to viruses with our weekly updated virus solution


  • Protect corporate networks from potential damaging outside attacks
  • Minimize risk of damage to and destruction of important data
  • Significantly reduce down time and risk of lost business opportunities
  • Increase productivity with tools that enable employees, business partners, suppliers, etc. to conduct business with the assurance that inbound and outbound network traffic is secure
  • Gain access to a wide variety of services from remote locations
  • Maximize internet access though integration into virtually any IP network infrastructure

Full Network Checkup

This is a consultancy service. Our experts will be on-site for several days looking for weaknesses in your network design, dial up and inter-company links. They will provide a comprehensive report (including a current network overview diagram) pointing out potential weaknesses in your network and suggesting solutions.

Network Security Audit

This package includes a security audit of your current network infrastructure including a probe of all machines connected to your network and a comprehensive report showing where weaknesses may be found.

Firewall Security Scan

We will come and examine your firewall network and look for new openings which your firewall may not cover

Web Security Checkup

Your corporate web server is your point of presence on the Internet, its the presence through which many people see your company. Its security is very important and you can't afford to take security on your website lightly. We will probe your website looking for security problems and provide a report with recommendations which we can then implement.

E-Mail Security Checkup

We will take an in depth look at your e-mail systems and check for potential security problems. This service also includes recommendations on virus protection (with regard to e-mail).

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