Network Solutions

Synergies Systems is a Local and Wide Area Network Integrator Specializing in Microsoft Windows NT and Novell Netware operating systems. We provide high quality, cost-effective network and Internet Solutions custom designed to meet the information systems needs of your organization.

Along with our Consulting Services we offer a wide range of prepackaged services such as:

Network Assist

If you're having problems with your current network, such as lack of bandwidth, IP address migration, or if you're just in the planning phase for a new installation, then with Network Assist, you can call in our Network Consultants to look at the current situation and plan you a way to improve it and solve your problems.

Internet Connect

Connecting to the Internet? You'll have many questions about what effect this will have on your company. We don't just cover the technical situations here, we can advise management on the impact of Web and Internet access on the whole organization. We have experts in Firewalling, Web Services and Wide Area Access who have wide experience of the impact the Internet is having on Business.

Specifically we can advise on any aspects of planning, specifying hardware and software, and implementing the solution. These include Domain Name registration and configuring the software to handle it, E-mail integration and configuration


Network Cabling is a very important and often an overlooked component in any network design. Our Cable design and installation service gives access to expertise in this area.

Network Management

We have specialists who can help you design and or operate your Network Management installation.

PC Network Administration

On the desktop, PC Networks can be an administration nightmare. Synergies PC Networking specialists can advise, install and/or operate your PC Network, removing the burden of training and possibly losing your own support staff.

Wireless Technologies

We have a body of knowledge in the Wireless field, having implemented a number of Wireless Networks for our clients. We feel that Wireless Technologies definitely has a place in the business world arena, and we have invested heavily in training our staff to meet the upcoming Wireless requirements. Contact us now for more details on how we can help you migrate to a Wireless Network.

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