Web Solutions

Choosing a secure Web and Email Presence Provider is an important factor in getting the results you need from your company email and web site. We offer a wide range of cost efficient and secure services, from providing your own web and email hosting to web page generation. We can advise you on specific details on how your company can utilize all and current resources along with new services available to your company. Web Design and Development

In a partnership with Conticreative.com, a Sacramento Web Agency specializing in Joomla! CMS and E-commerce. Conticreative provides professional Web Design services, SEO consulting, graphic design services, brand design, website design and corporate training of the above, in the Sacramento and Northern California area as well as the rest of the USA and Europe.


Conticreative has over 10 years of experience designing cutting edge business websites, specializing in building dynamic sites using the best Open Source applications available: CMS and E-commerce sites like Joomla! and Zen Cart. We only use the latest coding standards, all our sites utilize pure CSS layouts and we always optimize all our sites for SEO and Section 508 accessibility. We also have a background  in retail, manufacturing, marketing, product design, photography and more.

Conticreative.com offers professional web site design, web development and web graphics services for the greater Sacramento area as well as the rest of the US. We create standards compliant, accessible Web sites that will deliver unparalleled impact to your online presence.

We focus on building modern websites that are based on database driven Open Source software such as Joomla! CMS, Zen Cart, OSCommerce, Drupal and Wordpress among others. This design philosophy means that your site will be based on widely used, thoroughly tested and secure scripts, giving you and your users compelling features usually found on sites costing thousands of dollars more.

Our websites are feature packed and designed to maximize ROI, reduce maintenance costs and to be easy to keep updated with fresh content through an easy to use administrative interface. Our web site and development services will give your new or existing web site the visual appeal, accessibility, easy navigation, search engine friendly features (SEF) that are indispensable on the Internet today.

Web & Email Hosting

Our Web hosting service is designed for companies with a demand for security and performance, we utilize dedicated and VPS (Virtual Private Server) web servers depending on the clients businesses demand and needs.

The Web server you choose can offer many services, we can help you define them and configure them; these may include:

  • Hosting your own company Web site
  • Hosting your own company domain. (your-company.com)
  • Providing IP address solutions
  • Providing email for your employees specific to your particular domain (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • An FTP server (for providing file access)

Synergies Systems can help you with all of your hosting needs. We keep track of the new technology so that you don't have to.

Web Server Management

This service is for the day-to-day management that you need to be aware of when you enter the world of Web services. We have a wealth of experience in controlling access, monitoring and analyzing performance and response. Security of your server and services may be a concern, don't worry we have that covered.

You may also need usage statistics; we can help you not only gather the data but interpret the impact on your network. In fact, anything you need related to the Web server and your underlying Operating System we can advise you on including upgrades.

At Synergies Systems we realize that computer technology is advancing faster than any other technology. It is our goal to provide you with not only information and expertise but with a commitment to help you with all of your technological needs now and in the future.

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